Number of people living with hypertension has doubled to 1.28 billion since 1990   World Health Organization and Imperial College London joint press release The number of adults aged 30–79 years with hypertension has increased from

Skin-friendly foods: Skin health can be considered a reflection of the general health of the body, as every food is beneficial to

Hey guys. Today I want to share some of my favorite "beauty foods" with you. To look hot, you can hit the

If you’re an aspiring digital marketer in making or already one, you must have definitely researched the new digital marketing trends sometime

The Oxford Union has heard from many great debaters over the years, but this week added an artificial intelligence engine to its

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp ordered his players to be "as annoying as possible" as they chased down Manchester City in the hunt for the silverware that could bring them a historic quadruple. Klopp issued his statement

Recognising colleagues is a basic courtesy – but it actually involves deep cognitive resources that can leave many of us scratching our heads. You’re in a meeting or wandering down a corridor. A colleague says hello

The Power of the Dog is the favourite for several awards – but there are bound to be a few surprises. Nicholas Barber and Caryn James give their predictions for the big categories. Best picture Caryn

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Tháng Năm về đẹp lắm phải không anh.!? Trời trong xanh nồng nàn hoa phượng đỏ Anh có nghe lời tự tình